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Seek the Truth

I haven't been updating anything lately, this is partly due to me doing a lot of research both domestically and internationally. i am only speaking and writing from my point of view. one point i want to make clear is this "freedom of speech" saying. Now, lately, there seems to be so much business in the market. Business, which I mean Double standards, both by the media and politicians. let me just get through 2 things i want to air out. firstly, what does freedom of speech mean. Does it mean:

A: Write and say how you feel without any legalities
B: Write and say on Limited issues.

If it is for A, then i really hope it stays that way without skipping to B.

I am a young immigrant who was born in Somalia, A war torn Country which I haven't had any upbringing on it. Secondly, I am a Muslim. Yes, A Muslim who does not practice hate or preach hate. When people hear Muslim, the media has portrayed them to hear "Terrorism". its a shame how a vast majority of the g…